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Fardel Shipping kept up their impressive work in the Premier Section of The T. R. Carpets Grimsby Snooker League Singles with a 7-1 victory at the sponsors team T.R. Carpets. Only a black ball finish from Ian Crosby stopped the leaders from a maximum as Paul Clark, Jamie Green and Gary Challis all won 2-0 and Mark Franks scored the single.

Second in the table Clee Cons A bagged all eight at G.S.N. Westlands but unfortunately, we have no details of the match.

Clee Cons Slotters is a late result so we move on to F1 GRP Systems who won 7-1 at West End A. Craig Rowbotham won the first frame of the night for the WestEnders but that was it as Daz Evans won the next frame before Tony Miller, Sam Ward and Nige Lamming won the rest.

An opening 2-0 from Steve Donner was cancelled out by a 2-0 from Roy Ling as Clee Bowls A held Willows Sea Foods to a 4-4 draw.

Pete Smith won both his frames and Tony Aisthorpe, Mick Thornton and Tim Gillin shared with Matty Lawton, Pete East and Simon Bensley as Metshine Westlands won 5-3 at Cromwell A.

2-0 wins from Pete Kuzemczak and Brian Hotson and a single from Mike Emerson against Daz Stanfield gave Clee Bowls X a 5-3 against Steve Austwick Garden Services. Aaron McHugh won the other two frames for the Gardeners.

A 2-0 from Daniel Harrison and singles from Andy Aisthorpe, Abs Momin and Steve Fisher against Daz Potter, Liam Oswin and Steve Ellis saw Ray Edmonds Stunners to a 5-3 against club-mates Enigma’s.

Ray Edmonds N move to the top of Section A after a 6-2 victory against Ray Edmonds S. Singles from Mike Reed and John Anderson against Gaz Dannatt and Nick Masters were followed by 2-0’s from Anthony Hepton and Jase Sanders.

It was a minor disaster for the two Hainton teams as they both lost 8-0 at home. The biggest shock was the A team who went down to lowly Clee Bowls Police for whom Mark Stainton, Dick Cook, Chris McIver and Johnpaul Teanby all won two.

Clee Cons got the better of Hainton B when Father and Son Jase and James Reynolds, Roy Southwell and Dean Richardson won all eight frames.

A 2-0 from Kev North and a single from Scott Long against Rick Kirk put Nats B 3-1 up at Marcsmen. They couldn’t add to that, however, as Marc Phillips and Dan Webster won the last four frames for the home team in a 5-3 score-line.

Carr Lane E just got the better of Blossom Way B when a 2-0 from Stu Sadler, and singles from Glenn Glover, Craig Smith and Terry Bird against John Hill, Dean Parker and Albert Potterton gave them a 5-3 result.

Bottom team Clee Bowls C produced a bit of a shock as 2-0’s from Sean Wilkin and Andre Desertaux, and a single from Eric Buck against Nick Mason, gave them a 5-3 victory. Winning two for the Guardsmen was Mark Stevens.

Another 5-3 came at Carr Lane D when Kev Gowing got the only 2-0 of the night for Blossom Way A. Steve Leggett, Brian Ryley and Joe Goodfellow won a frame each for the home team against Mark Neull, Myles Kennan and Steve Neull.

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Beertrix Trotters kept their momentum going in Section B with a 7-1 victory against Express Maintenance. Ryan Johnstone, Danny Reynolds and Simon Lidgard all won 2-0 and Ash Kelk shared with slam-saver Blake Munton.

The big match saw second placed Hainton C win 6-2 at third in the table Healing Legion when Dave Powell and Daniel Webber both won two, and Dave Dawson and Tom Steer shared with Ricky Thornton and Steve Rushby.

Cue World Comets put seven past Healing Mens when Terry Haigh, Michael Dent and Craig Forster all won 2-0 and Robert Hunter shared with Drew Winship.

Standard All Stars won 5-3 at Cleethorpes Collectable’s as M. Caborn and D. Bird won two apiece and A. Metcalf drew with Bob Barnes. The 2-0 winner for the Collectable’s was David Jones.

2-0 wins from Mark Tupman and Andy Smith and a single from Richard Grant against Ross Markham gave Ray Edmonds B a 5-3 against their G team. Winning two for G was Mike Langridge.

Next Generation Fitness beat a three-man Grimsby Police A 5-3 when Richard Smith won 2-0 and Chris Foxcroft shared with Sandy Young. The Coppers 2-0 winner was Paul Dixon.

The top clash in Section C came at the Ray Edmonds Snooker Centre where Home Maintenance Services entertained West End B. Although some of the frames were close, the home team came out 6-2 victors as Heidi De Gruchy and Jon Ashford-Smith both won 2-0 and Alan Brown and Alan Robertson shared with Gary Brown and Matt Chandler.

Leaders Clee Cons C also got six as Ryan Knox, Paul Lidgard and Tom Keeley all won two in reply to a 2-0 from Cromwell B’s Phil Revell.

Nats A beat Pelham Printers 7-1 when Danny Hargrave, Paul Blanchard and Dave Burton all won 2-0 and Brian Burton shared with Wayne Bramley.

2-0 wins from Chris Gilliatt and Matty Baker and a single from Mike Clark against Stuart Tuplin gave Cromwell Car Care a 5-3 against Clee Home Guard Renegades. Luke Field won the last two frames for the Clee lads.

An opening 2-0 from Brad Mowforth was cancelled out by a last board 2-0 from George Clark as Westlands A came back to draw 4-4 at Crommy Cats.

Jubilee Rangers won 7-1 at Birds Eye Rockets when Gaz Camburn, Terry Kerley and Pete Masson all won two and Jam McKeon shared with Darren Till.

Rays Rockaz hit Chalk It Up for six when Matt Jones and Richard Caunt won two-apiece and Dave Gilliatt and David Taylor shared with Gareth Grindle and Keith Haigh.

Standard B beat Cabbies 7-1 but we have no details of the match.

Report by Dave Webster




John Parrott, Chairman of the League, presenting the John Langlands Trophy to Blake Munton.